Tipis are the most known traditional shelter of indigenous northern America, and who has ever spent time in one, can tell of their magic.

Truly there has been moments for me in a tipi, where it turned into a cathedral, when the space opened, and this tall and round structure became a gateway of some sorts. Especially when singing together, but even alone by the crackling fire.

Something about the magic of being so close to the earth, and tallnell of the space directed to the sky, and – of course – the open fire.

They are, better than any other structure I am aware of, perfectly made to host an open fire, having an inbuilt chimney effect.

They are very stable structures, sheltering wind and weather, and even though they are never 100% leakproof because of the obvious hole in their top, which is needed for the smoke to escape, you can easily keep warm and dry also in rough outside conditions.

Our tipis are made to order, in any size and various colours available. Our usual design is kept close to the traditional tipi designs of northern America. Using 12oz poly/cotton canvas, which is water, rot and fire proof, they are stronger and therefore have a much longer lifespan than regular 100% cotton covers.

We ship tipi covers all over the world, but due to the weight of the bigger ones, shipping gets costly on long distance. Most of our tipis we ship within Europe. Tipi poles don’t ship very well, and usually we don’t supply them. Most of our customers either already have a set of poles, are able to make them themselves, or they can source them locally. If you need help sourcing your tipi poles, we might be able to advise.


Current prices will be showing here, soon. Until then please get in touch.

How to order

We work with a waiting list, as our capacity has lately been on its limit, and we want to be able to deliver within a short period once you placed your order and made the payment, which hasn`t always been possible in the past.


please use the contact form and let us know you want to be put on the waiting list for a tipi canvas.

Once we are ready and have the capacity to make it for you, we will contact you and you will have the chance to place the order, make the payment and receive the tipi within weeks after you made the payment.

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