Landrover Campfire Tent

The Landrover Campfire Tent is made to be the trusted companion on 4×4 adventures and off-road expeditions. Its height matches the height of Landrovers-and most other 4x4s.

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The Landrover Campfire Tent was designed to mate with a Land Rover Defender, but also works with potentially any 4×4, or even many campervans. The tent can be attached to the vehicle, ideally to a roof rack, but – it stands alone, too, so you are free to drive away, go for a ride and come back to your base camp.

It can be easily adjusted for the use with a stove, too, so its a 4 season tent.

The biggest difference to our smaller Baker Tents is the height, which is full standing height for most people at 6,5′ / 2m, and also the larger porch area at 6,5′ / 2m depth. It has a footprint of 2,14m x 4m, giving you more than 8m2 sheltered living space when on tour. Half of it with a sewn in PVC flooring.


The sides of the porch are sewn on and can each be used as a door to close the sleeping compartment, which closes with toggles and a heavy duty zip. You only need one side to close the sleeping compartment, so the other can still shelter the porch area from weather. The pvc groundsheet can be also attached to the door from the inside with toggles, so even in the wettest of days, there is no way you should be getting wet in the sleeping compartment.

You have the option of a separate front panel, giving you the chance to close the sleeping compartment with this optional panel while keeping the porch area protected space, or alternatively close the very front to either create a huge space inside the tent, or get shade when the sun is coming that way…if you want to be able to create two fully enclosed rooms, you can simply order two separate front panels, and you will then receive two different panels, one with zips to close the sleeping compartment, one full width but without zips to close the very front.

Pitching the Landrover Campfire Tent

The tent is easy to pitch, either by attaching the porch to the roof rack of your 4×4, or pitching as a stand alone tent. Any which way, it takes only a few minutes.

The easiest way to pitch it when using it as a stand alone tent is by pegging the 4 back guy ropes first, putting the side and ridge poles through the sewn on sleeves, and connecting them with each other, while the canvas of the tent is still flat on the ground, then lifting it all up, best pulling from the centre of the ridge pole, and while holding it up, either with the help of a friend or using a temporary guy rope just for a moment, you can put the front poles into the grommets at the front of the porch and tension the guy ropes to the front. It helps to create more tension by pegging the front poles when having them stand on a slight angle backwards, and then putting them straight.

Landrover Campfire Tent Specs

  • Room to sleep 3-4 people inside and, when sitting around the fire, space to invite a few guests. If not too gusty and wet, people can sleep by the fireplace.
  • Colours: khaki green or matt sand, off-white, other colours on request
  • Standing height (6.5′ / 2m) in the porch area and entrance of the sleeping compartment
  • Heavy duty spiral zips for closing the sides
  • Grommets as attachment points to tie the tent to the vehicle
  • Several inside pockets
  • Sewn in loops on the inside for hanging lanterns, separate mosquito nettings etc.
  • Waterproof canvas storage bags for tent and poles included as a standard
  • Hand-made ash poles: all poles in two connected sections for easy transport.
  • With a little practice it can be pitched in about 5-10 Minutes easily.
  • Can be carried short distances by one person. The canvas bag is designed to allow two persons to carry it comfortably together.



Height: 6.5′ (2 m), sloping down to about 2′ (0.6m) at the back.
Width: 7′ (2.14 m).
Depth: Porch 6.5′ (2 m) plus sleeping compartment another 6.5′ (2 m)


Canvas: 22 kg
Poles: 12 kg

Packed size

Canvas: approx. 60 cm x 55 cm x 35 cm
Poles: approx. 130 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm


Landrover Campfire Tent including ash pole set – 1224,00 € + VAT + postage.
Landrover Campfire Tent canvas only without poles – 984,00€ + VAT + postage.
Additional Front Closing Panel, per piece – 96,00€ + VAT + postage.

The VAT amount and VAT rules (if we charge VAT or custom does) depends on the country you are ordering from and if you order as a private person or as business. If you order as a business, we will need your VAT ID in addition to your delivery and invoice address.

How to order

We work with a waiting list, as our capacity has lately been on its limit, and we want to be able to deliver within a short period once you placed your order and made the payment, which hasn`t always been possible in the past.


please use the contact form and let us know you want to be put on the waiting list for a Baker Style Tent.

Once we are ready and have the capacity to make some more, we will contact those waiting on the list and give you the chance to place the order, make the payment and receive the tent within weeks after you made the payment.


Want to see a little video we made to show some features of the Landrover Tent?

And another one made around new years eve, with front panel and wood stove, filmed by Andrew in the US. Thanks for sharing, Andrew!

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