Canvas Tents

We have been developing several sizes and versions of the classic baker style tents, tarps and other classic canvas shelters, and have been making loads of them, shipping all over the world for many happy customers.

However, as time continues, our focus has shifted somewhat and we are happening to focusing more on larger “made to measure” tents, first and foremost yurts and yurt covers, but continuing to make other covers and tents on the side, too.

Just the capacity for the “smaller” tents shrank, and we started having quite long lead times on them, which were often quite difficult to predict precisely. To raise the transparency about our lead times, and also to take some pressure of our shoulders, we decided to change the way we take orders.

Most important: We have taken the “buy it now”-buttons off the websites, to make sure, nobody places an order without being aware on the lead time involved.

Instead: we ask you to contact us, if you are interested in one of these tents.
We will then put you on a waiting list, you don`t have to pay any deposit for that, its no commitment from your side at this point, and you can change your mind without having to tell us.

Once we see a window of time where we can produce some Baker Style Tents, we will contact those on the waiting list to see, who still wants to put in an order. If you decide to order then, you simply confirm the details, put in the payment, and receive the tent fairly shortly (within weeks) after your order.

For the available sizes and current costs (these can change, too), please check out the sub pages.

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