Mini Baker Campfire Tent

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The Mini Baker Campfire Tent is the ideal companion for trips alone or for two people who like each other, the sleeping compartment giving enough room for one person with gear, or two sleeping side by side, keeping the gear under the porch.

It still is not too heavy so it can be carried smaller distances, making it attractive for canoeing, bushcrafting, and any other form of camping, where you don’t have to carry it very far.

It has sitting height of 1,50m, meaning you cannot stand in it, but you should be able to sit comfortably, and walk around while being bent down slightly. Unusually tall people may need some extra height for comfort. (In that case- contact us, we got options for you, too.)


Mini Baker Campfire Tent Specs

  • Room to sleep 1-2 people inside and, when sitting around the fire, space to invite a few guests. If not too gusty and wet, people can sleep by the fireplace.
  • Colours: khaki green or matt sand, off-white, other colours on request
  • Hand-made ash poles: the ridge pole in two connected sections for ease of packing, front poles adjustable in height to be able to lower one edge of the tarp in rainy weather.
  • Sewn in loops on the inside for hanging lanterns, separate mosquito nettings etc.
  • With a little practice it can be pitched in about 5-10 Minutes easily. You put the canvas flat onto the ground where you want to pitch it and place the back pegs. Then you connect the poles and put them in place, raise the ridge poles and tension the tent out to the front with the guy lines on the front poles.
  • Can be carried short distances by one person.


4.11′ height x 7′ width x 4.5′ depth, plus another 4′9″ for the porch.
(1.50m height x 2.15m width x 1.40m depth, plus another 1.45m depth for the porch)


12 kg for the canvas part
10 kg for the poles

Packed size

Canvas: approx. 60cm x 35cm x 25cm
Poles: approx. 155cm x 20cm x 10cm


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How to order

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All our goods are made to order, and lead times vary depending on workload.
Please check with us in advance, should you require the tent by a certain date.

Here a little customer youtube review made by Andrew…if you made one, too…please share it with us, we will share it with the world…

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