Baker Campfire Tents

The Baker Campfire Tent has experienced a true revival, as it combines the wild functionality of a tarp AND the cosyness of a tent, combined in one shelter: a true home ‘out there’.

That is, so we believe, because it is combining some features, which make it unique to the true outdoor enthusiast.

Giving you the full open view into nature, while sheltering you from wind and rain, and at the same time allowing a campfire or stove under the porch, that really makes a home out there.

And really this is the crucial point which makes the Baker, the sitting by your bed and by the fire, fully submerged by nature, and completely protected and warm.


There are a few important key elements you should know about our Baker Tents



The Baker Tent in general consists of a sleeping compartment with a sewn in PVC floor and a sloping down roof towards the back.

It has a spacious porch area without sewn in flooring, which allows to have a natural sitting and fireplace area in the very front of the sleeping area.

It has sewn on WINGS, which can be either used to shelter the sides of the porch area, or alternatively to close the sleeping compartment (see pictures). These also roll away when not needed. They get secured to the roof of the tent and to the PVC groundsheet with sewn on wooden toggles.

To be able to close the very front of the tent to create a fully enclosed room, or to close the sleeping compartment while keeping the sides of the porch on, we offer optional front panels for each size of our tents. To create two fully enclosed rooms (closing the very front and the front of the sleeping compartment, while keeping the sides on the porch area), you will need 2 optional front panels.

The front poles allow to be sloped backwards, for the smaller tents also to take a short section off, to create an apex shape in heavy rains to shed water.

It can stand anywhere, where pegs can be used to secure it. We supply strong wooden pegs ideal for grassy grounds, but there are various strong pegs available on the market for other grounds, too.

It has various loops inside to hang a lantern, midge netting or whatever needs hanging in your camp.

It is a stand-alone-tent, means it doesn’t need any other structure (like a 4×4 vehicle) to connect to.

It is a tent, which is extremely roboust and will last a very long time, when used correctly. Most importantly make sure it doesn’t stay wet and that it had the chance to dry well before it gets stored away for longer periods.

Its NOT a leightweight tent – and not comparable to one. You get all the benefits from it being made from poly/cotton and not from nylon…durability, breathability, strength, fire resistance and more, and you get to carry the weight.

The special character and the possibility of having a fire out front, makes this tent ideal for canoe-trips, off-road adventures, Bushcraft camps and even back-garden camp-outs, but, due to its weight not exactly suitable for hiking trips.

We make each tent to order – meaning, if you have special requirements, we can most likely help you tweak the tent to your specific needs.



We use heavy duty 12oz poly/cotton canvas, which has been water, rot and fire proofed.

This fabric is extremely durable, and will keep you dry and warm even in heavy conditions. No need to worry about small sparks from the fire.

It breathes, which helps reduce condensation on the inside of the tent.

It is very resistant to ripping, which will make it a very safe and reliable tent also in high winds.

Compared to cotton, the added polyester in the weave makes it fairly lightweight according to its strength while keeping the virtues of breathability.

Reproofing enhances the lifetime. If not living in the tent all year round, it may take years until you find the need to reproof, but it surely makes a huge difference to the lifetime of the material, if it gets a new coat of proofing.


Other materials

We only use strong polyester webbings and ropes from trusted sources. The zips used on the Landrover Campfire Tent are heavy duty zips which we have so far not seen break. The toggles for closure are made from wood, and made to last a lifetime. The flooring for the sleeping compartment is very strong PVC, which is also flame proof.



Down to the sewing thread we only use extremely reliable and trusted materials on our tents.

We sometimes get asked if we could include a midge netting in our tents, but these nettings don’t work well with the idea of a campfire tent, sparks of the fire can burn holes in them and generally they are just not as roboust as all the rest of the materials used. That’s why all our tents come with sewn in loops which allow to connect a separately purchased netting. So you can replace the netting when its worn and don’t have to replace the whole tent because of it.

The lifetime will depend greatly on how much you are using the tent, but thinking of using it continually all year round, every day, you should still be looking at several years of use. When using it permanently, we recommend reproofing once or twice a year. When used for camping only, it will need reproofing much less, depending on how often you get to go camping.

To not lower the lifetime unneccessarily, it is crucial to pack it away only when it is completely dry and store it in a dry and rodent free place. If it needs to be packed away to move camp while its wet, you can do that, of course, as long as it gets unpacked the same or the next day again.



Our Baker Tent Poles are made from European ash wood.

Ash wood has long fibres and is therefore the ideal wood when it comes to strength in poles. It won’t break, while being quite flexible. Thats also why it is known for building bows.

Oiled with linseed oil, they are also protected from the rain, and the oiling can be refreshed easily and gets better with every time. We recommend to add a couple more layers of linseed oil coating, especially after the first few uses and again a little later, as it will greatly affect the durability of the poles. These, when treated well, get better with time!

The way our poles are made is fairly simple, with stainless steel tube sections used as connectors, and strong galvanised nails for pins. No complications. Just simple and reliably working gear.

You can make them yourself? – No problem! We gladly offer “canvas only” versions of all our tents at reduced cost, which will also reduce shipping cost, and we will provide our description of how we make the poles.


Our Baker Tent Sizes

The original version of our Baker Tent, was made using the plan also Bill Mason was using when making his own Baker Tent for his canoe trips through Canada. Even though it has developed further since, the size is still pretty much the same, and is now the Mini Baker Campfire Tent.

Since then, the growing demand asked us to come up with more sizes, the Family Baker Campfire Tent, which has the same size porch, but a bigger sleeping compartment.

The Landrover Campfire Tent has a raised height to make it the  ideal companion for a Landrover, or – actually, any offroad vehicle, which has a height of about 2m.

And- the latest and biggest, the Camp Kitchen Baker Tent, which has a footprint of 4m x 4m, offering plenty of space and standing height to be the focal point of a group camping situation.


More good things to know

With all these tents we have gone through a process of intensive testing and have been continously improving details.

Each tent is and will always be handmade by us. No subcontracting, as its the only way to keep our standard of quality.

Each tent is made to order, and lead times for manufacture vary. Therefore- if you are looking to have your tent at a certain date, best get in touch by mail or phone before ordering.

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