Canvas Tarps

There are countless uses for canvas tarps. Used for a wild outdoor trip, they are the most simple and versatile shelter one can imagine, keep you dry, and allow you to have a small campfire, as small sparks don´t harm the canvas.

Also they can be covers for vehicles, wood logs, tools, garden shelters, market stalls…

Canvas tarps are stronger and much more durable compared to the standard tarps made from polyethylene, and they are breatheable. This is what makes them worth the extra investment, if you are looking for a cover, that is made to last.

We only use the best canvas materials available, currently mostly 12 oz polycotton canvas and 11 oz ribstop canvas, water, rot and fireproof.

As attachment points we offer reinforced webbing loops or eyelets, or a combination of both, depending on your purpose.

All our tarps are made to order.

Therefore you are free to get to us with any requests, specific sizes, attachment points…anything you dream of.

For unique designs, we will require a rough sketch, best by email:


Current prices for “standard sizes” will be showing here, soon. Until then please get in touch.

How to order

We work with a waiting list, as our capacity has lately been on its limit, and we want to be able to deliver within a short period once you placed your order and made the payment, which hasn`t always been possible in the past.


please use the contact form and let us know you want to be put on the waiting list for a canvas tarp.

Once we are ready and have the capacity to make it, we will contact you and give you the chance to place the order, make the payment and receive the tarp within weeks after you made the payment.

The waiting list on our tarps is usually somewhat shorter than on our other smaller canvas tents, so you could actually get lucky and receive your tarp fairly quick after contacting us.

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