Finn, Hector and Ophelia – and the Landrover Campfire Tent


This weekend there has been a storm devastating parts of the British Isles. Her name is Ophelia. But as always, there is two sides to the coin. Besides the destruction, in some places, beautiful things happened. Like this little story:

Finn Beales, (check out his website and instagram) decided to have a trip into the Welsh mountains with his family, including Hector, the Landrover, to try out their new sand coloured Landrover Campfire Tent, made by us.

At the same time Hurricane Ophelia decided to visit the British Isle. Still a lot of homes without electricity, and  the final amount of destruction not yet assessed.

Zooming out of the general picture of destruction, and zooming into that spot on the Welsh mountains, where Finn decided to spend his weekend, one could call it a mythical and international meeting of prince and princess. Hector, a Trojan prince and fighter, and Ophelia, a Danish princess, known from Shakespears play Hamlet, who was potentially going to marry prince Hamlet. The greek origin of the name Ophelia means “help, aid, succour” (see wiki), while Hector is the one, “who holds {everything together}” (wiki). So, what was Finns role in this royal meeting?

Other than having been the name for several Irish Kings, and therefore having some royal touch too, he is the nordic one, and, referring to the wellknown Huckleberry Finn, an adventurer. I’d say, sounds like the perfect host for this special coming together. . .

Honoured to share these dramatic views of the tent standing strong while the sky is showing off its powers.

Thank you, Finn, for sharing these impressions.

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