Red Tents

The “Red Tent” is a modern term, used to describe a tent, which has existed in various nomadic cultures, which was for women only, where they would meet to menstruate, give birth, share stories and experiences amongst other women.

The Red Tent Company is not only making red tents, not in colour nor in its meaning of being a space for women, and still it wants to give reference to the idea of coming together, sharing intimate space and growing through deep connections within a held space.

With most pleasure we will be involved in creating that sort of space for anyone or any group of people, to be used for inner growth.

The shape and size, even the colour of the tent has no limits.

The only limit of colours is due to availability of our supplier, the limit of structure is mostly a limit of resources, obviously the bigger it is, the stronger it needs to be.

Sweat lodges, yurts, domes, alachighs…referring only to some wellknown round frame tent structures…its up to your purpose and creativity.

We are connected to a network of other tentmakers all over Europe, so if the project you have in mind is too big for us to manage, we’ll simply call around and join hands!

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