Welcome to The Red Tent Company

The Red Tent Company is a new venture of experienced Canvas Tent Manufacturers, all the tents handmade by us with only highest quality materials. This website is “new”, however – under the hat of two company names, we have been making canvas shelters, yurts, tipis, domes, baker style tents and any custom canvas cover for years. Also some “smaller” gear like Australian Swags, Canvas Backpacks, Tarps in any sizes…you are getting the idea.

We have worked hard to find the ideal mix of material, thread and needle, which gives you the chance to experience an ideal climate outdoors.

We believe, that to make you feel cosy, no matter how wet or cold it may be outside, the material has to breath, it should not leak whatsoever, needs to be highly durable over years, and you need to be able to get it warm, either by a stove, or – even better – by an open fire.

Our shelters meet ALL these criterias – and – not only these – they also aim to suit the need for simplicity and beauty. We are looking to combine the availability of modern materials, where they give us additional strengths, and avoid flimsy details, which would not last over time.

For example: We try to avoid zips, but if we can’t, as for some things they are simply exceptional in their function, we use the strongest zips we can get. Same for mozzie netting.

“The Red Tent”, as a modern term, specifically stands for a tent, which existed in several traditions, in various forms and under various names, and is the place where women went to menstruate, to give birth, and to share stories with each other.

Our tents are not exclusively for women, nor always red, but they are always made with the intention, that, whoever will use them, will use them to create a space, to connect, connect with nature, with their own soul and – if any around – other human beings.

And if you are looking for a “Red Tent”, as you wish to create a space for women…we’ll be extra glad, not because we are especially feminist, but because we believe there is a lack of such places, where women have room to connect to their strength.

We are based in the UK, and setting up a German branch, you can therefore reach us on two phone numbers, and talk to us in both languages likewise.

We generally ship all over the world and have been shipping tents all over Europe (EU and non-EU) as well as the U.S., New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, only to mention some.

Obviously, outside Europe, shipping rates will be calculated individually.

Have a look around these pages but remember: Our expertise lies between the lines. We are specialists in creating custom made canvas shelters, either complete including the frame, but many times also covering any existing frame just by measurements, may it be a yurt, tipi poles, a dome or any other structure you got…please contact us, if you got some project in mind.

Looking forward to hear from you!


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