Whelen Lean-To

The Whelen Lean-To Tent

This page is all about the Whelen Lean-To Tent. For any other shape of canvas tarp – go here.

The Whelen Lean-To Tent is one of the classic shelter for insider canoeists and lovers of all year round camping with lightweight gear. When looking at a shelter, which allows you to stay by a fire and not be cut off your surrounding…this is for you. For anyone – who actually likes also staying without shelter at all, if the weather allows it…this is the comfortable way to go about, when the weather is demanding some kind of shelter to stay warm and dry.

The Whelen Lean-To-Tent was designed by Colonel Townsend Whelen, who was looking for a possibly lightweight way to go about back in the 1920’s. Just like the Baker Campfire Tent, it allows you to have a campfire in the front, but its generally even more open to the surrounding, doesn’t have the sewn in floor, and therefore weighs considerably less.


It allows 1-2 people to find shelter for themselves to sleep and store their gear.

It can be set up using just a rope between trees, or by some sticks found in the nearby forest, or using a pole set, self made or ordered from us, as you wish.

We can provide measurements, should you wish to make your own poles.


We are using the same 12oz poly/cotton heavy duty canvas for this tent, we are making pretty much all our tents out of, as it is the perfect balance between extreme strength and still fairly lightweight. We can offer it in various colours (matt sand, khaki green and off white as standard, others on request). If this is not leightweight enough for you, we can also offer the somewhat lighter 11oz poly/cotton ripstop. (Available only in khaki green)

All of our fabrics are water, rot and flame proofed.

We add heavy duty grommets (eyelets with teeth) along the front and strong ties and loops at various places to make this tent as strong and versatile and practical as it can be.

It comes with a canvas storage bag included.


Standing height at highest point: approx. 1,8m/6′
Width: 2m/6,5’minimum width at the ridge
Depth of sheltered area approx: 2m/6,5′


Canvas: approx. 7kg using the standard 12oz poly/cotton (using the lighter 11oz ripstop- only 6kg)
Poles: approx. 10kg

Packed size

Canvas: approx. 40cm x 30cm x 15cm
Pole set: approx. 120cm x 20cm x 15cm


Whelen Lean-To Tent including wooden poles: 350€ + VAT + delivery (416,50€ incl. 19% VAT)
Whelen Lean-To Tent canvas only w/o poles: 210€ + VAT + delivery (249,90€ incl. 19% VAT)

How to order

Please call us to order or use the button below.

If you prefer paying in a different currency than Euro – we also accept GBP/USD/NOK/JPY/CHF/SEK/CZK/CAD/AUD/NZD via bank transfer and GBP via Paypal. Just send us a message and request an invoive in your preferred currency.

Delivery costs and 19% VAT if applicable are added at checkout. Customers (corporate and private) outside the EU will not be charged VAT, however, import taxes may apply by your country. If you are ordering for a company within the EU and outside of Germany, please contact us with your order request, as special VAT rules apply.

We make each tent to order, and lead times vary depending on workload, so please check with us in advance, if you require your tent for a certain date.

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