Baker Campfire Tents

The Baker Campfire Tent is experiencing, out of various traditional canvas tent designs, a true revival.

That is, so we believe, because it is combining some features, which make it unique to the true outdoor enthusiast.

Giving you the full open view into nature, while sheltering you from wind and rain, and at the same time allowing a campfire or stove under the porch, that really makes a home out there.

You will understand what we call the Baker Tent Experience, when you wake up looking into the natural surrounding you chose for the night, and, while still half sitting on your bed, getting breakfast and coffee on its way… Feeling warm and protected, even in wild weather, and nothing but a pee will make you want to leave the moment. Did I just ruin the romance? Well, only because the Baker can afford it, holding rather a lot of its promise.

And really this is the crucial point which makes the Baker, the sitting by your bed and by the fire, fully submerged by nature, and completely protected and warm.

The specifics about our Baker Style Tents are, that they are all made from strong poly/cotton canvas, which is water, rot and fire proofed. 12oz (410g/m2) as a standard, sometimes also others available. Means they are extremely durable, and keep you dry and warm even in heavy conditions. No need to worry about small sparks from the fire.

The original version of our Baker Tent, was made using the plan also Bill Mason was using when making his own Baker Tent for his canoe trips through Canada. Even though it has developed further since, the size is still pretty much the same, and is now the Mini Baker Campfire Tent.

Since then, the growing demand asked us to come up with more sizes, the Family Baker Campfire Tent, which has the same size porch, but a bigger sleeping compartment, the Landrover Campfire Tent, to be used ideally in combination with, actually, any offroad vehicle, which has a height of about 2m. And- the latest and biggest, the Camp Kitchen Baker Tent, which has a footprint of 4m x 4m, offering plenty of space and standing height to be the focal point of a group camping situation.

With all these tents we have gone through a process of intensive testing and have been continously improving details.

Each tent is and will always be handmade by us. No subcontracting, as its the only way to keep our standard of quality.
We don’t compromise on quality of materials used, down to the smallest link in the chain.

Each tent is made to order, and lead times for manufacture vary. Therefore- if you are looking to have your tent at a certain date, best get in touch by mail or phone before ordering.

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