The Red Tent Company - Yurts

Yurts are traditional round frame tents, which have been used in many varieties over centuries throughout the whole near and far east.

Throughout the last few decades, they have been rediscovered as a simple, strong, and beautiful shelter with the magic that it brings being in a round space.

Even though the Mongolian GER can still be called the most common and most widely spread yurt shape, there are plenty of other shapes, with differences in shape of the roof rafters, wheel construction and more.

In Britain, the Turkmen Yurt with its single bend roof rafters, has become the most common shape.

We can offer various shapes of yurt frames, most parts (other than the door) made from ash, which is very strong and durable.

Our frames get treated with linseed oil, which is highly durable, and can easily be refreshed when needed.

Any frame is a bespoke project, for prices and timescales, please get in touch!

Our yurt covers are made from 12oz (410g/m2) poly/cotton, which is made to withstand european weather conditions to the very best. It also breathes, so you don’t end up having to deal with condensation inside the yurt. These covers need weathering, which means, the stitching holes need to seal up in the first couple of rains, but then these covers are dripfree, and have a great climate. If you need extra insulation for use in cold winters or hot summer, we offer 100% woolfelt insulation.

Yurt covers for already existing frames we can offer on a faster turnaround basis.

If you send is some pictures and the diametre of your yurt, we will get back to you with a rough quote with options like colours and designs, extra windows, felt, cotton liner etc.

Once you decide you’d like a cover made by us, and what colour it should be, we will provide guidance about how to measure the frame.

Our measurement sheet contains all we need (in combination with some pictures) to be able to sew a cover.

Our quality standard is as high as it could be, and we would not be satisfied, unless the cover sits on the frame perfectly like a glove. That is said, after the first rain has done its shrinkage. Therefore we’ll ask you for the best care you can when measuring your frame, as it ensures the ideal cover in return.


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