Mini Baker Campfire Tent

The Baker Campfire Tent has experienced a true revival, as it combines the wild functionality of a tarp AND the cosyness of a tent, combined in one shelter: a true home ‘out there’.

The Baker Tent experience is unique in that you can sit, and cook by the fire, protected from wind, rain or even scorching sun, looking at the vista of nature in front of your camp. When the day is done, you simply get in the back and snuggle up for the night. It is designed in such a way, so that the side ‘wings’ can be used for weather protection when under the porch, by the fire, and then- for closing the sleeping compartment for the night, these ‘wings’ close up as doors for the back inside section.

If you would like to be able to close the sleeping compartment, while still sheltering the sides of the porch area, you can order the optional Front Closing Panel. It can also be used to close the very front, creating one big enclosed space (not to use with an open fire), or two separate closed spaces, when using two front panels.

The sleeping comparment has a strong PVC floor sewn in, which can be attached to the wings with toggles, when the sleeping compartment is closed, so you will stay dry even if you pitched your tent in a puddle.

The canvas is 12oz (420g/m2) poly/cotton canvas, water, rot and fire proofed to withstand wetness and sun for years and years.

This heavy-duty cotton canvas, compared to most tent materials out there, gives a much more comfortable climate inside, because it is highly breathable, and doesn’t melt with a spark from the fire. The special character and the possibility of having a fire out front, makes this tent ideal for canoe-trips, Land Rover off-road adventures, Bushcraft camps and even back-garden camp-outs, but, due to its weight not exactly suitable for hiking trips.

We don’t include midge netting as an integral part of the tent, also because we find its not necessary, once the fire is on the beasts stay away, but also the netting lowers the lifetime of the tent, sparks could burn holes into it… There are some attachment points in the inside of the sleeping compartment though, which allow you to hang a separate netting, if you wish to use one.

These tents are made to last a very long time, however, there is a couple of points you should know to make sure you don’t reduce the lifetime unnecessarily:

Always make sure the tent has dried well, when packing it away for storage. Even though it has been rot proofed, it will mold, if you keep it packed wet for longer periods.

Reproofing enhances the lifetime. If not living in the tent all year round, it may take years until you find the need to reproof, but it surely makes a huge difference to the lifetime of the material, if it gets a new coat of proofing.

The wooden poles have been treated with boiled linseed oil only, which has great properties for the protection of the wood, but, especially the first times of use, and once in a while later on, we recommend to add more layers of linseed oil coating, as it will greatly affect the durability of the poles. These, when treated well, can last generations!


Mini Baker Tent Specs


  • 12oz poly/cotton heavy-duty canvas, water, rot and flame proofed.
  • Colours: khaki green or matt sand, other colours on request
  • green PVC for the base of the inner section, flame proofed
  • wooden toggles for closing the wings/doors
  • hand-made ash poles: the ridge pole in 2 connected sections for ease of packing, front poles adjustable in height to be able to lower one edge of the tarp in rainy weather.
  • hand-made ash pegs for guy ropes, light-weight aluminium pegs for pegging back section out
  • room to sleep 2 people inside and, when sitting around the fire, space to invite a few guests. If not too gusty and wet, people can sleep by the fireplace.
  • easy and quick to pitch on all sorts of ground


4.5′ height x 7′ width x 4.5′ depth, plus another 4.5′ for the porch.
(1.40m height x 2.15m width x 1.40m depth, plus another 1.40m depth for the porch)


8.5 kg for the canvas part
6kg for the poles


Complete Set of Canvas and Poles:
£ 520.00 plus postage. No VAT.

Canvas part only (we will provide instruction of how to make the poles):
£ 390.00 plus postage. No VAT.

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All our goods are made to order, and lead times vary depending on workload.
Please check with us in advance, should you require the tent by a certain date.

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