Landrover Campfire Tent

If you love the outdoors, camping and off-roading, this tent is the one for you. It was designed to mate with a Land Rover Defender, but also works with potentially any 4×4, or even many campervans. The tent can be attached to the vehicle, best to a roof rack, but – it stands alone, too, so you are free to drive away, go for a ride and come back to your base camp.

Like our smaller Baker Tent, this is a campfire tent, meaning you can sit on the ground by the fire under the canopy or sit on the ground sheet in the inner compartment.

It is also easily adjusted for the use with a stove.

Using all our experience of making various types of canvas tents, we have developed this to be the ideal one for off-road expeditions, which need top quality materials that you can rely on, and are still light enough to be carried easily in any vehicle, the canvas weighing only 20kg.

The sides of the porch can each be used as a door to close the sleeping compartment, which closes with toggles and a heavy duty zip. The pvc groundsheet can be also attached to the door from the inside with toggles, so even in the wettest of days, there is no way you should be getting wet in the sleeping compartment.

You have the option of a separate front panel, giving you the chance to close the sleeping compartment while keeping the porch area protected space, or alternatively close the very front to either create a huge space inside the tent, or get shade when the sun is coming that way…

We don’t include midge netting as an integral part of the tent, also because we find it’s not necessary, once the fire is on the beasts stay away, but also the netting lowers the lifetime of the tent, sparks could burn holes into it… There are some attachment points in the inside of the sleeping compartment though, which allow you to hang a separate netting, if you wish to use one.

There are also some pockets for things you want to know in place, like your phone or torch…

The tent is easy to pitch, either by attaching the porch to the roof rack of your 4×4, or pitching as a stand alone tent. Any which way, it takes only a few minutes.


Land Rover Baker Tent Specifications


* Tent: 12oz poly/cotton canvas, water, rot and fire proofed. Choice of colours. PVC flame proof base for the sleeping compartment.

* Poles: Laminated ash wood with stainless steel connectors, coated with linseed oil.



* wooden toggles for top and bottom closure

* heavy duty spiral zips for closing the sides

* grommets as attachment points to tie the tent to the vehicle

* several inside pockets

* waterproof canvas storage bags for tent and poles



* Height: 6.5′ (2 m). Width: 7′ (2.20 m). Depth: Porch 6.5′ (2 m) plus sleeping compartment another 6.5′ (2 m)

* Packed size: tent – 80 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm, poles – 130 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm

* Weight: tent – 20 kg, poles – 10 kg.



Complete set of tent and ash poles: £ 740.00 plus postage. No VAT.

Tent without the poles (we provide instruction of how to make them): £ 580.00 plus postage. No VAT.

Optional Front closing panel (allows to close the porch area completely from all sides, or the sleeping compartment, while both sides are closed: £ 45.00. No VAT.

Optional steel pole set: £ 180.00

Please contact to order or use the paypal checkout below.

Each tent is made to order, and lead times vary depending on workload. Please check with us, if you need it to be delivered by a certain date.

Land Rover Campfire Tent

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