Family Baker Campfire Tent

Here is our Family Baker Campfire Tent, which is in most details the same as the Mini Baker Campfire Tent….but enlarged!

It now allows the bush-crafting family to create a day camp in the forest or to simply go out into the wilds together all snug and warm by the fire side: essentially all that the smaller size Baker tent had, but with a larger bedroom compartment.

Of course, we took it out to the wilds to test it out. Because its always good to have a tent tested before sending it out, but of course also for the adventure itself. Because we would have never started making these tents if we wouldn’t love to feel the fire, hear the rain, and the birds singing undisturbed in the morning and all that.

The elongated sleeping compartment allows you to sleep both lengthways and sideways, as the sleeping compartment is 6.5′ / 2m deep. You can have your heads to the fire enjoying last flickers at night, but possibly even more important, you get to take your family, or your loved ones with you.

The tent looks natural in all settings, it is slightly below standing height at 5ft 6 inches, yet still high enough not to be a cubby hole.

It is very easy to put up and down: You put some pegs in the ground, raise the ridge poles and tension the tent out to the front with the guy lines on the front poles. With a little practice, it is very possible to pitch within 5 minutes.

The sides are sewn on, so they can be used either to shelter the front porch area, and can be used to close the sleeping compartment for the night, once the fire has burned down. If you wish to be able to also close the very front, creating a larger room (not for the use with an open fire) or to be able to close the sleeping compartment while leaving the sides on the porch area, or both, you are welcome to order one or two of the optional Front Closing Panels at GBP 40 each.

This tent, other than the Landrover Campfire Tent, doesn’t include a tent bag as a standard, it usually comes with a webbing strap. You can, however, order a tent bag for GBP 25 only.

We don’t include midge netting as an integral part of the tent, also because we find its not necessary, once the fire is on the beasts stay away, but also the netting lowers the lifetime of the tent, sparks could burn holes into it… There are some attachment points in the inside of the sleeping compartment though, which allow you to hang a separate netting, if you wish to use one.

Family Baker Tent Specs


  • 12oz poly/cotton heavy-duty canvas, water, rot and flame proofed.
  • Colours: khaki green, matt sand, off white
  • green PVC for the base of the inner section, flame proofed
  • wooden toggles for closing the wings/doors
  • hand-made ash poles: the ridge pole in 2 connected sections for ease of packing, front poles adjustable in height to be able to lower one edge of the tarp in rainy weather.
  • hand-made ash pegs for guy ropes, light-weight aluminium pegs for pegging back section out
  • room to sleep 2 – 3 people inside and, when sitting around the fire, space to invite a few guests. If not too gusty and wet, people can sleep by the fireplace.
  • easy and quick to pitch on all sorts of ground


5′ height x 7′ width x 6.5′ depth, plus another 5′ for the porch.
(1.50m height x 2.15m width x 2.00m depth, plus another 1.50m depth for the porch)


14 kg for the canvas part
9kg for the poles


Complete Set of Canvas and Poles:
£ 590.00 plus postage. No VAT.

Canvas part only (we will provide instruction of how to make the poles):
£ 460.00 plus postage. No VAT.


To order, you can use the button below or get in touch directly. The button will allow you to choose between several secure payment methods including paypal, card payments and bank transfer. Shipping is calculated for the most common destinations during checkout. Should there be no shipping costs available or you wish to arrange payment without using the online platform, please contact us.

All our goods are made to order. Lead times vary depending on workload, so please check with us, if you require the tent by a certain date.

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