Camp Kitchen Baker Tent



This the biggest and latest of our range of Baker Style Tents. We found, knowing the virtues of the smaller Baker Tent versions, there was a lack of an even bigger version: as we called it the Camp Kitchen Baker Tent

The idea behind this tent is to create a space for outdoor cooking for campsites, forest schools, bushcraft groups, any outdoor activity for groups really, a tent that allows one to have two open fires under its double porch area, and still has room for gas rings, even a table and loads of storage room. It also makes  a great and reliable market stall, wherever pegs can be used to pitch it.

This tent can stay up for long periods of time and cater for a season long of camping, and is just the same easily put up and down for short events with changing locations.

As our other tents, it can surely also be used for camping, giving room for at least 5-7 people comfortably to sleep and store their gear.

The sides panels of the porch are sewn on and can close the back compartment, both closing one half to the centre. In order to keep the sides on, while still closing the back off or to close the very front, you can make use of the offered optional front panel. One will allow you to close either the very front or the sleeping/storage compartment at a time, two of these panels will allow you to create two fully enclosed rooms.

Like all our tents, this tent is made in polycotton canvas with 12 oz flame, water, rot, and flame proofed as the standard. Colours available are khaki green or matt sand. For other colours, please ask, a lot of times we can offer, depending on availability, a variety of colours. Prices may vary.

The poles of this tent are our usual hardwood ash, but, as the poles sit on the inside of the canvas, the connector system is special, means there are three welded stainless steel connectors, two right angles, and a t-connector.

As the other Baker Tents made by us, there is no midge netting included, but there are several attachment points inside the tent, so you can attach a midge netting to your liking.

Due to the weight of this tent, we would recommend to not try to put this tent up alone on your own, unless you are fit and strong well above average. Its possible and has been done before, but a second pair of hands will make things a lot more comfortable.

Double Baker (Kitchen) Tent Specifications


* Tent: 12oz poly/cotton canvas, water, rot and fire proofed. Choice of colours. PVC flame proof base for the sleeping/storage compartment.

* Poles: Ash wood with stainless steel connectors



* wooden toggles for top and bottom closure

* the sides can be used to close the sleeping/storage compartment.

* optional separate closing panel for front or sleeping compartment available

* attachment points on the inside for hanging lanterns, separate mosquito nettings etc.

* waterproof canvas storage bags for tent and poles



* Height: 6.5′ (2 m). Width: 7′ (4 m). Depth: Porch 6.5′ (2 m) plus sleeping compartment another 6.5′ (2 m)

* Packed size: tent – 80 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm, poles – 130 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm

* Weight: tent – 30 kg, poles – 15 kg.



Complete set of tent and ash poles: £ 1088.00 plus postage. No VAT.

Tent without the poles (we provide instruction of how to make them): £ 840.00 plus postage. No VAT.

Optional Front closing panel (allows to close the porch area completely from all sides, or the sleeping compartment, while both sides are closed: £ 70.00. No VAT.

Please contact to order or use the checkout below.

All our gear is made to order and lead times vary depending on workload. If you require the tent by a certain date, please check with us prior to ordering.

Using the checkout below will give you several save ways to pay, through paypal, card, and bank transfer.

Especially for orders above GBP 1000, we are gladly offering to take orders with a 50% deposit, and balance before despatch. Just drop us a line, if thats suits you better, and we will arrange accordingly.


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